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Halifax, NS

eva's long john

This is an example of what we can do to convert a client's existing bike into a cargo bike. This was originally a Trek mid-range hybrid that we Pinocchio'd out to a stately 8 foot long john cargo bike.

Everyone loves riding a bike, but not many people enjoy hauling heavy cargo underarm while trying to stay balanced in the middle of a busy street. Our friend Eva is no exception!

Eva got so excited when we gave her this bike that she ended up loading three adults onto the cargo bed a few days after we gave it to her. We now know that the bike can hold about 500 lbs (including the rider, at a standstill).

This is only the third long john style cargo bike to be introduced to the streets of Halifax, so people turn their heads wherever it gets ridden.

Project description

Conversion of Trek hybrid bike into long john cargo bike


January, 2014


  • Design
  • Bike conversion
  • MIG Welding

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