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Moira's double barrel shotgun

Behold, a 30 lb trailer that carries two cantilevered 45 lb wine barrels! We built this trailer for Unwined Tasting Parties, a local wine tasting facilitation company run by our sommelier friend Moira Peters.

Part of Moira's dream for her company was to have the ability to use a bike to transport all her glasses, tables, wine, and other supplies to her clients houses.

She came up with the idea of having two custom oak wine casks built as part of the project. After getting a cooper in the Annapolis Valley to make the barrels, we set about building a trailer that would be able to carry them while still being small enough to be maneuvarable around the city.

Our design opted to mount the barrels so that they sit as low as possible in front and behind the trailer wheels. This allowed for the trailer to be skinnier, since the wheels didn't have to sit outside of the barrels.

Project description

Mobile wine tasting bike trailer


Unwined Tasting Parties


April, 2013


  • Design services
  • MIG Welding
  • Barrel Customization

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